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Ph is a measurement of how acid or alkaline a subsense is.

All the hair care products you use on your hair are either acid or alkaline. Do you know the ph of the products you use on your hair on a daily bases! You should to achieve healthy manageable hair every day.

Understanding the Hairs Ph balance is important.

Your hair has a natural ph of between 4.5 & 5.5 as is the oil on your scalp know as sebum or your acid mantle.
The natural hair acidity prevents fungi and bacteria from growing on the hair and scalp leaving the cuticle closed and healthy and giving you a shiny healthy hair and scalp.
Many hair products people use today can disrupt the natural ph of the hair and scalp as they are alkaline (detergent-based ) containing sulphates which cause the hair cuticle to open giving hair a dull dry brittle appearance or a dry scalp
The ph scale is anything between 0 & 14. Anything between 0 & 6.9 is acidic 7 is neutral and anything between 7.1to 14 is considered alkaline which damages the hair and dries the scalp out.

How do you assess your own hair?

Is your scalp flaky and or dry . Is your salon hair colour fading after a few shampoos ! Are the ends dry & brittle if so , you may be using a shampoo that is to alkaline above a ph of 7.0 which is not compatible with your hairs natural PH .
Shampoos with a low ph prevent frizzing and damage , colour fade and drying your hair or scalp out .
If you colour your hair many hair colour products are alkaline therefor need to be followed with ph bonding services to return the hair to its natural ph after the colour service . ( ask your stylist about this treatment in salon )

Curly Hair

Naturally Curly hair means your cuticle can be partly open so making sue you use a ph balanced shampoo is really important because the open cuticle prevents naturally acidic sebum from keeping the hair at the correct ph. It’s often advised you use a ph balanced moistening shampoo to prevent dryness. Ask your stylist about a moisturising shampoo for curly hair.

Straight Hair

Naturally straight ( not colour treated ) hair doesn’t require extra moisture as the sebum moves through the root area of the hair but may need extra moisture through the ends if the hair is exposed to heat during styling at home.

Pay attention to the products you use at home examine the labels. Always use a product recommended by you stylist during and after a hair salon service to prolong your hair colour or the finish achieved in the salon . It’s only achieved with the best products we at Wilsons choose, working in partnership with Redken & Pureology. Ph balanced sulfate free 100% vegan, anti colour fade formulas are best for your hair. If you’re not looking great between salon visits we know we’re not doing our job to advise you correctly.

Hope you found our first client information blog helpful. Stay tuned for our next monthly blog.


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