What is the protein moisture balance of hair & why is it important to your hair care needs. Your hair consists of 70 – 80% protein & 10- 15 % moisture just like your body your hair needs a balance of protein and moisture to remain healthy. If your hair feels limp weak or is suffering from breakage this may be a sign your hair needs protein.


Redken protein treatments boost the hair with nutrients and strengthen the hair strands. This will maintain the overall hair health and keep it in the best possible condition. Protein treatments such as PH Bonder during services such as colouring or lighting the hair are essential to make it a healthier canvas for your salon hair colour service to last and give you the best possible results . However, be sure to chat to your stylist at Wilsons as overuse of protein products can result in the hair feeling crunchy or stiff.

If your hair is porous it makes it susceptible to damage, the hair often has tears and gaps allowing the hair to absorb too much moisture, which causes FRIZZ tangles and fast colour fading. You need a protein treatment to strengthen the hair in order to fill the gaps to create a stronger canvas for styling. If your hair is stringy or flat and limp it’s a definite sign your hair needs protein. This will revitalise your hair and get it into a healthier state . If your hair feels gummy or sticky when wet this is not a good sign, this could mean your hairs internal support system is weakened and damaged again in need of protein.


Redken’s new Extreme Lengths. As you know bleached hair needs extra care. Combats damage dryness & repairs bleached hair.


Restores Manabilty in the hair, gives hair softness and shine. Without water ( moisture) the hair will be dry and brittle. When hair is wet it’s being moisturised but as the hair dries it loses moisture and comes back to with the relative humidity. The rate that hair loses moisture is related to its protein structure. To slow down the moisture loss the hair must be treated with humectants. Humectants bind water and hold it against the relative humidity so the hair holds onto moisture. Hair in its natural state is coated with sebum from the acid mantle which protects the cuticle. But frequent shampoo in alkaline shampoos removes this protection. When the moisture balance of the hair is correct it restores its softness sheen and manageability.

If the hair is brittle and breaking moisture alone is not enough this is when the hair needs a protein moisture balance this is really important. Your stylist will advise you on the correct in-salon treatments and home hair care . It’s imperative that to keep your hair in the utmost condition especially when colouring hair you have the correct Protein vs Moisture balance before during & after you salon service . As always we’re here to help ask your stylist about the correct products for you.

Redken Salon Chemistry Shots Protein VS Moisture provides the correct balance needed for healthy hair.